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6 - The Social Number

Allow yourself to experience the images.
. . . What do these designs evoke in you?
. . . . . . Where and how do they affect you?

Still your mind . . . . .
. . . . . . bring your attention to your breath . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . observe the sensations within you.

Enjoy :-)

Dolphin Gate


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The number 6, which also is the base of the composite numbers 15 and 24, expresses social consciousness. It is divisible by odd and even numbers, relates to the planet Jupiter, the month of June, the elements of earth and air and the letters F, O and X.
It resonates with responsibility to others, social services and consciousness, ability to make adjustments to others and their problems, family, creating harmony in groups, counseling and healing others, teaching, education, conscientiousness where groups and community are concerned, conservative in the attempt to bring everything to the existing main ideal, concern for truth, justice, social and artistic balance, color, texture and form, love of things domestic, cooking, design, production, utilization of useful products (clothes, interiors), reliability and tenacity in getting the job done.
Its shadow side is social irresponsibility, unsolicited meddling and interference in the affairs of others, taking on an unfair share of responsibility, becoming adage to and slave of others, overanxiety concerning others problems, self-righteousness, unyieldiness and obstinacy in points of view.

The ideas and concepts represented here are only one possible interpretation and not to be taken as absolute truth. Take what resonates with you and your own knowing and discard the rest. After all we all create our own reality, in accordance to our perceptions and our awareness of them.

All Rights Reserved       Copyright © 2004, André Brighteyes