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Greetings dear friends,

I invite you to explore with me the inner reaches of our abilities. In this laboratory of co-creation we can assist each other to open to the wonders of our being, to open our hearts to the love which we seek to receive and give and to the knowing that can guide us every moment of our lives.
We can use many different tools and techniques like breathing, movement, EFT, Quantum Touch, Shamanic journeying, sounding, story telling, and others to weave a web of closeness.
In this closeness anything that we desire is possible. By 'seeing' each other we can move naturally and effortlessly beyond self-imposed limitations.
During these turbulent times the experience of deep friendship and the knowing of being supported by a myriad of beings, including Gaia and all her lifeforms can offer the knowing that we are not alone, that we are supported and loved at all times and that each one of us has a present to offer which is uniquely ours.
Take this moment to bring your attention to your breath. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and fully, breathing first into your belly and expanding upwards into your chest. Fill yourself with this living energy.
Now hold your breath for a few moments and exhale reversing the process, first emptying your chest and moving down below the diaphragm.
Once you exhaled all the air you can hold your breath for a moment.
Than begin this process again for as many cycles as you desire, at least 3 would be greatly beneficent.
If you wish you can specify the qualities you would like to breath in and the issues you are ready to release during the out-breath..
Come and play with me
I love you

If you are interested in hosting such an event, please let me know.
Prices need to be negotiated, as they depend on your needs and several other factors.

You can contact me by email: contact@livinglightcreations.com
or by phone: 541.282.4626

Thank you for your interest.


The Theme of my artwork is:

"Designing the Future by Evoking the Presence".


      I find an open and playful approach to life's experiences much easier to handle than worrying what the next moment or day might bring, as all we need is usually right present before us. The form/s it might take might not fit with our cherished beliefs, yet that is not the point, as reality tends to express itself in much broader and inclusive ways than our minds can grasp.

      I invite you to use this moment to open yourself to the wonder and magic that is before you. Look around you and SEE just for a moment what God/Allah/The Great Spirit sees. Breathe in its beauty, love and joy.

Sometimes playing can be done with toys. Some of these toys are the different decks available today, from classic Tarot decks, to Angel cards, Medicine cards, etc. Here I want to present you the Insight cards, which a friend developed. I created a layout with them which you can use to give yourself a reading.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." Mahatma Gandhi

Scarab      Scarab      Scarab      Scarab      Scarab

This work is dedicated to the wellness and upliftment of all life and offered in the spirit of love, joy and abundance for all.





Greeting Cards
Giclee on Paper (unframed)
Giclee on Canvas (unmounted)

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