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Living Light Creations is offering Living Light Designs, multi-media Presentations and Shamanic Journeys. All offers are for the upliftment and wellbeing of all Life.

Each of the images below takes you to a different gallery.

While viewing the images allow yourself to bring your attention to your breath and your body for a fuller experience of joy, relaxation, aliveness and appreciation.

Enjoy your visit!

Etched 4
City 4-Square
5 - The Human Form
Enfolding Triangles
The Social 6
septagonal Phi world
The Metaphysical 7
Arcs of Light
The 8-fold Path
9 - Completion
Laced Rainbowcircle
13, 17 and 19
Stained Glass Window
Many Paths
Torroidal Turns
Time and Timeless

The low resolution of the images does not offer the full experience of their at times very intricate details. They are available in different sizes and on different materials.
Enlarged views are offered by clicking on the designs on their respective order pages.

These are only a sample from each of the 9 galleries.
For all 144 designs go to their respective gallery pages. Their links are in the left column!

General information on them is available here.

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