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13 - 17 - 19

Allow yourself to experience the images.

. . . What do these designs evoke in you?

. . . . . . Where and how do they affect you?


Still your mind . . . . .

. . . . . . bring your attention to your breath . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . observe the sensations within you.

Enjoy :-)

Toroidal Folds
Toroidal Folds

Rho 13
Oriental Dreams
Oriental Dreams
Reflections in Blue and Green
Reflections in Blue and Green

17 Arrows


Cauldron 1

Cauldron 2

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      The numbers 13, 17 and 19 are called Prime numbers, because they can only be divided by 1 or themselves. They are composite numbers and as such combine the qualities of the numbers they unite in addition to forming a new blend.

      13 has been viewed as the unlucky number. What is the underlying reason for this? First it is composed of 1, the number of self-creation and 3, the number of self-expression which add up to 4, the number of material pursuits. This energetic combination can be rather selfish, self-centered and materialistic. It is also the first number superceding the number 12 of spiritual wholeness, as seen in the 12 signs of the Zodiac, which are representations of the 12 Cosmic Beings, who are the sumtotal of all existence, manifest and unmanifest. It thus points to aspects of reality which are difficult for us to grasp, as they involve the energetic realms directly.
      Of course their are many other calendars in use on the planet. The Mayan calendar in particular incorporates the number 13, which corresponds with the 13 annual moon cycles. As we are entering a new period of consciousness in human history, we are beginning to incorporate the more transcendent numbers or rather the energies they hold.

      17, the combination of the individualistic 1 and the metaphysical or philosophical 7 to give us the number 8 of material accomplishment is again a prime number, which our physical bodies or any of our bodies don't integrate very easily. Yet as its basis is the number 8, its energy can be brought into this world through approximation, if not directly.

      19, 1 joint to 9, the number of completion, ends the second cycle of our number system based on 10's. As such it represents the completion of self-expression throughout all the characteristics of all the numbers. Here we harvest the experiences of our individual sometimes selfless, sometimes selfish, yet always self-centered efforts. 19 ends the cycle of strictly individualistic expression to open to the world of joining with others, of sharing, cooperation and inter-dependence, the larger cycle of the 20's, which introduces us to the world of social activities, based as yet on 1 on 1 interactions. Each following decade bringing the respective experiences of its corresponding number vibration.

      On this page I also include designs which were created with the symbols of various alphabets, in particular Hebrew and Sanskrit. These symbols have been used by humanity since the use of written sounds to bring into manifestation desired ideas and communicate with each other through an intermediary medium, like a note, book, etc. which could be passed on to others, even across generations.

      The ideas and concepts represented here are only one possible interpretation and not to be taken as absolute truth.
      Take what resonates with you and your own knowing and discard the rest.
      We all create our own reality in accordance to our perceptions and our awareness.





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